"Would You Believe It If I Told You That You Could Improve Your Eyesight Naturally and Throw Your Glasses Away?"

Learn the secrets to 20/20 vision by attending...

Leo Angart's Vision Training for Adults Workshop

No surgery, no medical devices. Just simple & easy exercises that you can do at home!

Get up to 20% off by bringing a friend & paying in FULL on or before Feb 1, 2019!

Vision Training is a two-day workshop that will help you regain your eyesight naturally through eye exercises, relaxation, and energy work. No expensive medical devices. No invasive procedure.

Do you have:

  • Myopia--nearsightedness or inability to see at a distance 
  • Astigmatism--images of lines are indistinct 
  • Presbyopia--middle age eye defect marked by inability to focus for near vision
  • Amblyopia--lazy eye or dimness of sight, especially in one eye, without apparent defect
  • Anisometropia--each eye has a different degree of nearsightedness
  • Strabismus--squint or crossed eye

What You Can Expect to Learn:

Find out how Leo Angart managed to correct his myopia (-5.50 diopters) for 26 years and how you can too

Compare "traditional" optometry solutions and how your eyes can naturly heal themselves

Discover once-a-day techniques that can help you regain clear visual acuity

What Else You Will Learn:

  • How to relieve eye tension and correct astigmatism  
  • How to fix presbyopia through the use of reading exercises 
  • How to remedy myopia
  • How to use Chinese Accupressure exercises to get your energy flowing in the eyes and head
  • How to align eyes using exercises
  • How to develop proper eye-object fusion and coordination
  • How to test and correct diverging eyes
  • How to use energy exercises to clean and remove stagnant energy and replace it with fresh energy
  • How to gain sharpness of vision for hyperopia or farsightedness 
  • How to perform specific exercises for those suffering from a “lazy eye”

Questions? Call us at 0977-012-5842 | 02-218-4621 or email us at visiontrainingmanila@gmail.com


Saturday, March 2nd


Sunday, March 3rd

8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Workshop Discounts

  • 5% discount for 50% downpayment on or before February 1, 2019 
  • 10% discount for FULL PAYMENT on or before February 1, 2019
  • + an additional 10% discount for groups of 2 or more

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Questions? Call us at 0977-012-5842 | 02-218-4621 or email us at visiontrainingmanila@gmail.com


"My son has been using Leo’s exercises for the past couple of years and has, by doing so, gone from a point where we were practically accused of child abuse by his school nurse for ignoring his deteriorating eyesight and not getting him glasses, to the point now where he is learning to drive glasses free, which thoroughly vindicates our belief in Leo’s methods. This is powerful stuff which should be taught in schools – rather than carting kids off to the opticians to condemn them to a life behind glasses. I urge everyone who wants to solve their eyesight problems to try Leo’s methods. Attending his workshop is by far the best way of doing this but, If this isn’t possible, Leo has written 3 books covering his methods"


"These days, I would only put on my glasses watching TV basketball only to read the tiny scorecard at the corner of the screen.  

Otherwise, I find no other good reason to still be using these spectacles at all. My vision has improved to a considerably comfortable level.  

I am not one who is fond of taking seminars but I would choose always to take time to learn solutions that are “natural – organic” if you will. The exercises given are simple and convenient and doable anytime anywhere."  

-Dyords Javier, Philippines  

If you want to know what Vision Training can do for you, let me tell you what it did for me.  

My name is Jeremy Pope, and I'm a recovering myopic. I've been contact lens free for more than 3 years now, after 14 years of glasses and blurry eyesight. I've thrown away my contacts. Don't need them anymore.  

Intrigued yet? Let me give you the whole story.  

My parents realized I was short-sighted when I was 10 years old. Glasses? That was the last thing I needed at that age -- I was already nerdy enough. But glasses, it was destined to be and so I became the reluctant owner of this giant, geeky pair of glasses.  

It wasn't until I was 17 that i finally got contacts and by then it was waaaay too late -- I was a nerd, through and through. Contacts weren't so bad as glasses (at least I couldn't steam up contacts or sweat on them), but they took forever to put in, take out, and wash every night. That was my 'sight life' until November 2004.  

I found Leo Angart's website and I emailed him, but no dice--his email was down! I ended up CALLING the UK to find where he was and FINALLY managed to talk with him. Leo flew all the way to Atlanta, Georgia to meet me and at the end of the weekend I was on the path to perfect vision. I saw my eyesight improve in the first 5 minutes.  

I had 3.75 in my right and 3.50 in the left eye. After I started to do Leo's exercises it took me a week and a half to get to perfect eyesight

- Jeremy Pope  

“I noticed an improvement in my vision within the two days of the workshop.” 

 -H.C., London  

Questions? Call us at 0977-012-5842 | 02-218-4621 or email us at visiontrainingmanila@gmail.com

Leo Angart is the Danish author of Improve your Eyesight Naturally and a two-time recipient of the “Silva Award for Excellence.” He wore glasses for years until he learned to get rid of them 26 years ago. Even in his 70s, he enjoys 20/20 vision.

He conducts Vision Training worldwide, covering four continents (Asia, Australia, Europe and North America) and more than 20 cities. He has appeared in BBC Channel 4 London, CNN International, an GMA 7 Manila, among others.

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